July 31, 2010

Harry Birthday, Happy!

   Being a part of the first birthday of Harry Potter in the Wizarding World was quite an honor. How many people can say they were at the Harry Potter theme park for the for the first HP Birthday it would see?? Well, probably the other thousand people that were there today...oh well!
   In honor of Harry, Michael and I rode the Hugarian Horntail coaster of the Dragon Challenge ride. (There are two coasters for the ride: Hungarian Horntail and Chinese Fireball) But due to the threatening weather, the ride was suspended for thirty minutes for our safety. We braved the thirty minutes of waiting in line because we love Harry and it is his birthday!
   We finally started purchasing merch and magical goodies today; and boy did we spend some galleons! Something we did not expect though was waiting for us in one of our bags. Whilst going through our magical treasures about an hour ago, I found that a Dobby pin had somehow maneuvered itself into my bag! Which is a bizarrely strange coincidence, seeing as that was the pin that Michael desperately wanted but refused to spend nine dollars on. (No, he did not steal it. Nor did I!) He's good at getting free stuff. Yesterday he found a Slytherin lanyard lying next to a trashcan. Looks like he now has a pin for his lanyard.
   All in all, today was a wonderfully fantastic day! What a great birthday for Harry. I wish he could have been with us to have the fun we had. As I promised, I took a Knight Bus load of pictures today! But sadly I can not upload them tonight, for we must wake early to attend our Three Broomsticks breakfast on our last day in the Harry Potter theme park!


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