August 2, 2010

Farewell Hogwarts

I write to you, friends, a very happy girl. Michael and I have immersed ourselves in a pool of magic the past three days and have had an absolutely splendid time. Yesterday we finally did the only two things we had not done thus far: had ourselves a refreshing Butterbeer, and rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Lets start with the Butterbeer...

'Tis a most excellent drink that can be purchased in a souvenir Butterbeer mug. I love my mug! It was an extra hot day so we ordered frozen Butterbeer. It quenched the thirst quite wonderfully. Butterbeer subtly tastes of bubblegum snow cone and smells like butterscotch. The best part is the froth on top which leaves behind a beautiful snow white mustace. Its a good thing we waited until our last day in Hogsmeade to try them, we would have wasted all of our money on Butterbeer! It is addicting.

As for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey...all I can say is best. ride. EVER. After that very first time we rode I almost got emotional. It captivates the magic that there is to be had in JK Rowlings magical world. We loved it so much we ended up riding it four times. You get a souvenir picture afterwards that is taken whilst you pass Aragog and his arachnid children; our picture is pretty much the best picture ever taken. I shall scan it here later for you all to see the joy and excitement on our faces caused by such a fantastic ride.

We even got to ride the 3D Spider-Man ride! Its pretty fun, I actually got a bit scared. Michael was very extra happy after that. Guess what! I am the owner of new Hufflepuff robes! I am very excited about them. I have decided that this year Michael and I shall be Hogwarts students for Halloween.

This was one - if not the best - of the greatest vacations I have ever ventured on. When I awoke this morning, it was Hogwarts I wanted to go to, not the airport. Alas, it was something that needed to be done. Saying goodbye to Hogwarts was difficult, but I have high hopes that I shall return home again.


P.S. It turns out that I suck at uploading pictures (we have been SO busy every day), so I shall upload them all soon! And don't forget about Michael's Corner.

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